Corporate and Business Law
“We don’t just know the law, we know how to use the law in developing creative solutions to complex business challenges.”

The WGWC Difference

The Creative Difference

Knowing the law is essential, but knowing how to apply it in developing creative, effective solutions is what sets Wadsworth Garber Warner Conrardy apart. Our comprehensive approach allows us to focus on the smallest critical details of a case without losing sight of the big picture – the legal and operational issues unique to each client. Our attorneys work together, both with our clients and with each other, to create inventive yet practical strategies, ever mindful of reaching a resolution successfully, swiftly and economically.

Our creativity is also informed by our past experiences in cases that span the entire spectrum of bankruptcy law and practice. And while we can’t say we’ve seen it all before (because every new client brings new challenges), we’ve certainly seen more than most. That institutional knowledge provides a rock-solid foundation for innovative problem solving in every case.

Note, however, that to our way of thinking “creativity” is not the throw-it-against-the-wall mindset common in some other industries (see: advertising). Creativity at Wadsworth Garber Warner Conrardy means inventive thinking tethered to results and tempered by experience and rational expectations. That approach has gained us the respect of our peers, our opponents and the judiciary.