Corporate and Business Law
“It doesn’t do a client any good to jump into uncharted waters without a plan.”

The WGWC Difference

The Strategic Difference

Few, if any, Colorado firms can rival Wadsworth Garber Warner Conrardy’s collective bankruptcy experience. Our attorneys have been representing clients in complex Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases in Colorado and throughout the United States for over 30 years. We know that success in a bankruptcy proceeding takes many different forms and that there’s more than one way to achieve it.

Sometimes our clients come to us with clear goals. Other times, they come with little or no sense of what form success might take and we work together to identify and target specific goals. Still other times, the shifting landscape of a complex multi-party dispute requires agility and the ability to swiftly reassess goals in the heat of battle. Whatever the scenario, our primary aim is achieving the results we’ve targeted, whether that involves a corporate reorganization, an orderly liquidation, the aggressive pursuit of fraudsters or vindication from wrongful accusations.

You can’t realize goals or achieve desirable results without a plan; good representation requires strategic thinking from the outset. Our idea of a sound plan considers both the legal issues facing a client and the unique set of circumstances that client brings to the firm. Smart execution requires the skill set to apply the law to the facts at hand. At Wadsworth Garber Warner Conrardy, we listen, we analyze, we strategize and we execute. If it’s possible to achieve a successful outcome without costly litigation, we’ll be the first to tell you. But if we have to litigate, we’re in it to win.