Corporate and Business Law
“We believe a pyrrhic victory is no victory at all, so we assess costs vs. benefits every step of the way.”

The WGWC Difference

The Common Sense Difference

You can’t cut corners if you expect to provide the best legal representation. But that doesn’t mean the best has to be the most expensive. We approach each matter with our eyes on both the desired results and the bottom line. Because we understand that it does a client no good to spend $100,000 in fees to obtain a $100,000 judgment.This pragmatic approach is central to the firm’s philosophy. Whether we’re representing a Fortune 500 corporation or mom-and-pop sole proprietorship, our goal is to provide outstanding representation without losing sight of costs.

We apply a healthy dose of common sense to all aspects of our business, including how we structure our fee arrangements. We just don’t think a one-size-fits-all approach to billing makes sense. So we stay flexible, keep an open mind, and tailor each fee agreement in a way that delivers value without sacrificing the quality of our services. We offer hourly fees, fixed fees, contingency fees, and customizable fee structures that fit both the client and the task. We are open to creative fee arrangements, including those with a risk-sharing component.

Sometimes delivering value means finding alternatives to costly litigation. We have extensive experience with out-of-court creditor/debtor workouts, debt restructuring, and business restructuring and reorganization. So when keeping a case out of the courtroom is the sensible approach, you can be assured we’ll do that. And do it well.